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Fallo is a small village in the province of Chieti, perched on a rocky outcrop from which dominates the Sangro valley.
Its historical center, of medieval origin, still preserves the original structure. To visit the church of the Madonna del Soccorso and the Church of San Giovanni Battista, with a single nave with side chapels and frescoes on the ceiling. The rhythm of local life leads to rediscover missing pleasures, where the cuisine and typical products are often unforgettable surprises. The village is located in a fantastic natural scenery that offers many possibilities for walks in nature.

Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66040

Prefisso: 0872

Altitudine: 575


41.9385931, 14.3231879

The Verde natural waterfalls, divided into three consecutive jumps of about 200 meters, are of great scientific importance, both for the position and for the existing microclimate. These are the highest natural waterfalls in the Apennines, second in Italy and among the highest in Europe. They are fed by perennial waters, even if variable in the flow during the year.

Le cascate naturali del  Verde, articolate in tre salti consecutivi di circa 200 metri, sono di grande rilevanza scientifica, sia per la posizione che per il microclima esistente. Sono le cascate naturali più alte dell'Appennino, seconde in Italia e tra le più alte in Europa. Vengono alimentate da acque perenni, anche se variabili nella portata durante l'anno.