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Lettopalena is a small village of medieval origin, which rises in a naturalistically particular context: it develops, in fact, on large limestone blocks that originated from a landslide that occurred 5000 years ago and these "geological wounds" are still today studied all over the world. The town rose around the Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria di Monteplanizio and even today around the town you can see the majestic remains of the Cyclopean walls. Do not miss the remains of the former Church of San Nicola di Bari to let yourself be transported in a distant and mysterious past: rebuilt after the earthquake of 1933, it was destroyed during the Second World War. Today there are suggestive ruins, among which a luxuriant flora grows, as if to remember that life can not be stopped.

Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66010

Prefisso: 0872

Altitudine: 680


42.0000892, 14.1588156

The Museum, the only one of its kind in Abruzzo, is housed in the Ducal Castle of Palena, a recently restored building dating back to the 11th century. It consists of three sections: the Knowledge Room, the Aventine Room, the Palena Room.

Il Museo, unico nel suo genere in Abruzzo, è ospitato nel Castello Ducale di Palena, edificio dell' XI secolo, recentemente restaurato. Consta di tre sezioni: la Sala della Conoscenza, la Sala dell'Aventino, la Sala Palena.

It rises on Mount Porrara at almost 1300 m asl, on a cliff that makes the building impenetrable on three sides. It was probably the first place where Pietro Angeleri lived as a hermit before taking his vows. Here the future Pope Celestine V, once reached Majella, stopped in a cave and began the hermit's life.

Sorge sul Monte Porrara a quasi 1300 m slm, su una rupe che rende impenetrabile l’edificio su tre lati. Probabilmente fu il primo luogo dove visse da eremita Pietro Angeleri, prima di prendere i voti. Qui il futuro Papa Celestino V, raggiunta la Majella, si fermò in una grotta e iniziò la vita eremitica vera e propria.

The MOM - Museum of the Marsican Bear - housed in a wing of the former convent of St. Anthony in the Municipality of Palena, consists of 5 sections set up with panels, dioramas and a striking reconstruction of the forest at night.

Il MOM - Museo dell'Orso Marsicano - ospitato in un'ala dell'ex convento di S. Antonio nel Comune di Palena, è costituito da 5 sezioni allestite con pannelli, diorami e una suggestiva ricostruzione della foresta di notte.