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The Trabocchi Coast

Along the southern stretch of the Abruzzo coast, between Ortona and Vasto, the famous and celebrated "Trabocchi", compared by Gabriele D'Annunzio to "colossal spiders" and described in the tragedy "The Triumph of Death" as "machines that seemed to live their own lives", rise like sentinels on the sea.
Ancient and original wooden constructions similar to pile dwellings, harmonious and elegant in their complex play of wires and ropes, embellish and characterise this beautiful stretch of coastline. Today they are protected by regional laws as primary cultural goods.
Their structure is formed by axes and beams anchored to the rocks. On the beams there is a wooden walkway that leads to a platform from which light poles, called antennas, depart, at the ends of which are fixed the corners of the net. On a stormy day at sea, they amaze for their ability to withstand storms despite their fragile and precarious appearance.
Their origin has no reliable data. It can be assumed that they have been constructed to fish without going down to sea, standing or sitting on a footbridge connected to the mainland.
The first trabocchi, coming from the north, you meet after Ortona, when the coast of Abruzzo begins to change its appearance, passing from the low and sandy beaches of Teramano and Pescara to a more rugged and rocky landscape. The greatest concentration is between San Vito and Fossacesia and in the stretch of rocky coast of Vasto, from the Punta Aderci Nature Reserve to the beginning of the sandy coast of Vasto Marina.
Some trabocchi have been restructured and transformed into characteristic seaside restaurants, where you can taste delicious dishes with fish from the Adriatic Sea.



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